Editor’s Word

Welcome to the new look York Politics Review website. Our new format will provide you with up to date, in-depth analysis from across the political world as well as interviews and features closer to home. A huge thanks goes to Henry Honeywood, who first established the YPR last year; and to Mathieu Lohr, who has overseen the publication for the last few months.

We will be kicking off the new website with an interview with Simon Parker, the first in a series of featured interviews where academics give their thoughts on what is being missed by the mainstream media. Also this month, We will have constant updates and analysis on all the latest developments from the US presidential race, including a preview on election night itself.

I am also delighted to introduce our new team this year:

Tom Lansdell – Editor-in-Chief

Mathieu Lohr – Deputy Editor – Content

Russ Gardiner – Deputy Editor – Digital and US Editor

Blue-Jae Whitton – UK Editor

Dylan Jardine – Contributing Editor

Finally, I would like to invite everyone at York with a keen interest in politics to get involved with the YPR. We have already made big steps in developing the publication, but our ambition is to release new articles and content daily. If you are interested, please get in touch at yorkpoliticsreview@gmail.com, or through our Facebook page.

Tom Lansdell,  05/11/2016